Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring is Hope Eternal

Hi All,
As we stand poised for another bee season we can rest assured that bees will be encouraged and those with stewardship will be supported in Denver.
As we ready ourselves as returning keepers or newly anointed keepers we know that we have a great community to draw from with many seasoned, enthusiastic, and quite simply put great beekeeping people. Not just in the Denver area but in the outline areas as well, all working towards a common goal...bees and their well bee-ing.
Questions and discussions should be many here.Tales from the hives will be greatly appreciated and efforts and solutions will be applauded. The hive in all it's grandeur and complexity has been a wonderful place to take myself too. I look forward to this year.My hope is that we all have a great year and are able to find out new and exciting things about ourselves and the world we live in through a rather amazing creature.

:O yippie

Hi Everyone,
Today Denverbee's Allison acquired her first hive!!! Yippee ! The wayward girls arrived by way of Paul Woolsey or St Paul by the time it was all over. The bees were ostensibly agitated. They were being involuntarily relocated from a fairly cozy domicile. Why you ask? Wherein lies the problem it was inside someone else's fairly cozy domicile. To add insult to injury it's yet to be determined if their queen accompanied them. Did I mention that the bees were ostensibly agitated? No queen no front door...aggg During the installation I helped out Allison and Paul by providing comic relief through the trifecta of what not to do; wear dark clothing, swatting motions, and flapping arms. Yes, yes, yes I was stung on my head half a dozen times, but Allison had a up close look at beekeeping for dummies. It was the least I could do!
You see none of this was planned. Allison and I were simply checking out Vicki's "To Bee or Not To Bee." A great place to load up on bee stuff located in north Denver. Paul, The Bee Boy We Relocated not Exterminate, had stopped in for maybe the same thing. We were all chatting and then in the stillness of a moment realized; Paul has homeless bees, I have a hive box, and Allison wants bees. With ninja swift movements we drove west 2 miles. and voila! well after the benadryl. It was a beautiful afternoon.
After the commotion we all headed for sustenance and a recap of "what just happened" and of course a plan for re-queening tomorrow. Paul you're truly great! Thanks for being on the River...really it was heartfelt that you trusted to share. Allison, our very own midwife, now has a few thousands charges....embrace your postpartum!
With each chance encounter and a look into their private world my fascination grows.


HI All,
Well, I've lost my very first hive. They were the flagship so as to speak. Theirs was a very big and seemingly strong hive. After close examination it has been concluded that the queen died. I don't know how it happened. No disease or mites. So it goes.
I dismantled their hive and gave all the honey to my other hives. There are apricot trees in full bloom across the street so they split their time, their legs were heavy with pollen, between the two sources.
A day in the life M

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

These are not actual bees!

Hi All
Denverbee is catching on we tripled our size at Mondays meeting.
David B. executed a lovely bee installation. I thought the styrofoam peanuts had an amazing likeness to honey bees.
David is great beekeeper, he listens he watches he knows his stuff. Thank you David
I love the energy, enthusiasm and all the really really interesting people that have shown up and are or will soon be beekeeping. Nice to rub shoulders with all of you.
I was really hoping that Denverbee would be for bees sake.....that hope has come to fruition by way of Dr. Robert Hancock PhD Entomology Metro State. Dr Hancock when not busy being a raw dinner for bed bugs will conduct an urban beekeeping study with denverbee. Could life be any better....well maybe so but anyway. Thank you Dr. Bob
Hope to see at the next meeting