Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh Say Can You Bee

The balcony of a high-rise building, a cliff, a mountain top, even a microscope. The aforementioned are vantage points, god's eye views. Looking down or onto and beholding amazing,painful, benign, and genuine interactions of the world.

Nothing quite showcases the industrial bounty of nature like a hive of honey bees. Stealing a glance or being able to gaze onto the matriarchal system is awe inspiring. Their isolation underscores their vulnerability.

Bees provide among other things; door jams, raspberry jam, clothing, wrapping paper, the morning paper, beautiful beautiful flowers and food. Whatever the perishable, traipse back to it's nascent and you'll find a bee, many bees. Tirelessly they work.

Though the connection to all our accouterments and plates may not be obvious what we have and what we eat is brought to us by a small flying insect.

No one thinks that the bees will go away, but then again nobody thought that the Titanic would sink either.We, hobby beekeepers are the life boats that the Titanic was denied. We keep a hive we keep a species going. In the cities bees have an abundant variety of foliage and countless backyards to quietly nestle hive boxes in.